Friday, April 23, 2004

Drunk driving is getting a lot of attention in New Mexico. In just the past few weeks there have been a few deadly car wrecks. Driving across the highways here, there are crosses every few miles it seems, on the side of the road, memorials for people who lost their lives to drunk driving.

Children need to learn at an early age about the detrimental effects of drugs and alcohol.

And really effective treatment programs need to be established and promoted, and USED.

I support the Church of Scientology Drug-Free Marshals. Not only do the Drug-Free Marshals pledge to be drug free themselves, but they pledge to help their friends be drug free as well. This higher level of responsibility takes children even further from being at risk themselves.

I believe this is a big reason why this program is so popular.

Drug-Free Marshals in Clearwater

Drug-Free Marshals in Tampa

Drug-Free Marshals of Georgia

Drug-Free Marshals of Battle Creek

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