Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise.

He supports some really great causes, including the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, the Drug-Free Ambassadors.

I found some great articles about him recently. In some, he discusses his education, and the label he was given as "dyslexic." Through Scientology Study Technology, he overcame his educational difficulties.

Tom Cruise: Scientology Helped Me

Tom Cruise is not one of those people who just looks for help - he gives back.

Tom Cruise wants to assist

Tom Cruise: Scientology Ambassador

New Church of Scientology Opens in Madrid - Actor Tom Cruise addresses the thousands in attendance.

Tom Cruise Lobbies Over Scientology

Scientology and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise at the Movies

The Passion of the Cruise - Tom Cruise Talks about Scientology

Scientology Official Home Page

Scientology Groups


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