Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here is some information about TeenScreen, a private company that uses tax dollars to go into public schools and "test" children for psychiatric diseases. Without the children ever seeing a doctor -- they simply answer some questions on a computer, then a TeenScreen employee takes the child out into the hall and informs them of the psychiatric illnesses they supposedly have.

I kid you not.

Your tax dollars hard at work!

A new webpage has just been created that has all the documents from the TeenScreen lawsuit which were obtained from the Unied States District Court in Indiana.

You can find the documents here: TeenScreen Lawsuit

This may be interesting reading for you brilliant legal minds and could be a roadmap for any attorney who is contemplating jumping into the business of suing psych facilities that are screening kids without parental consent.

Anyone is welcome to download any of the documents to put on websites or to forward as they choose.

For non lawyer-types, the below items (which you can download from the above link) may be of interest to you:

16 11/30/2005 Amended Complaint (this complaint details what the hubbub is all about.)

29-17 02/21/2006 Affidavit in Support of Motion - Exhibit H (see page 2. This appears to be the notes of a psych nervously frothing at
the mouth anticipating his chance to label another child)

29-21 02/21/2006 Affidavit in Support of Motion - Exhibit L (Look at all the parents saying NO to TeenScreen)

29-22 02/21/2006 Affidavit in Support of Motion - Exhibit M (Teachers are instructed not to explain what TeenScreen is to their students.)

31-1 03/22/2006 Brief in Opposition - Main Document (more details of the case)

31-3 03/22/2006 Brief in Opposition - Affidavit of Teresa Rhoades (mother's writeup of what occurred)

31-4 03/22/2006 Brief in Opposition - Exhibit to Affidavit of Teresa Rhoades (Wow! You better download this document right now. It is
the secretive TeenScreen survey that was filed as a public record in this lawsuit. This is the same suicide survey that
a certain website owner uploaded to a certain website and was subsequently threatened with a lawsuit.)

31-5 03/22/2006 Brief in Opposition - Affidavit of Chelsea Rhoades (Must read. This is from a teenager's viewpoint that clearly shows
how normal healthy kids are sucked into the mental "health" system and wind up on drugs.

Citizens Commission on Mental Health

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Monday, May 08, 2006

I have been using the Scientology Handbook with my family and friends.

There are so many tools in that book that a person can use to improve just about any situation.

For instance, I was dealing with job stress and I read the section about that, and applied the tools there. It really helped! Whenever I notice I'm getting a little frantic at work, I pick up the book and read that section again and apply it again. It has really helped me to improve my job performance.

Scientology - ChaplainCare

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Friday, May 05, 2006

I found some awesome pictures of Mount St. Helens - it is in the news again due to new activity, and I got curious and wanted to see the changes there, before and after.

The changes aren't as severe as I expected:

Mount St. Helens

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My good friend is having some physical problems - she's seeing an orthopedist. It seems that you can either get lucky - and find a good doctor - or you can end up wasting your time with a doctor who simply pushes surgery.

Here are some good orthopedic resources I've found:

Dr Mark A. Frankle



Dr. Mark A. Frankle



Dr. Mark A. Mighell

Dr. Mark A. Frankle

American Journal of Orthopedics

Dr. Mark A. Mighell

Dr. Mark A. Frankle

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catherine Bell

I love Catherine Bell - she's so beautiful and seems so together and happy! You just don't see this commonly in Hollywood. She's a member of the Church of Scientology and has been a Scientologist for over 6 years, I believe.

Here are some fun resources for Catherine Bell:

Catherine Bell Online
Amazing Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell Fan Blog

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